Mailsafe Mailboxes presents the MSFA mailboxes, which offer more storage than the MSF2 and MSF3 standard mailboxes.

The MSF4 standard mailboxes utilises the width of the MSF2 and the depth of the MSF3 but also offers an individual newspaper shelf that can help store bulky items such as A4 envelopes and magazines.

The MSF range of standard mailboxes utilises a silicone sealant to provide additional support and protection against wet weather. The external rivets and screws are also counter-sunk in order to provide a safer and neater look.

Features of the MSF4 Mailboxes:

  • Aperture Cowls for mail security and weather protection
  • Aperture slot for bulky mail items
  • Double-sided keys for better security
  • Unique keys for multi-residential installations
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Design meets requirements of Australia Post
The MSFA standard mailboxes, from Mailsafe Mailboxes, are available in an option of front or rear opening designs.

Optional features are also available including master keys, multi-functional panels and number or name panels.