Two MSG swing gates from Magnetic Automation were installed at a quarry site to prevent unauthorised access as well as increase safety levels.

Each of Magnetic’s five-metre multi-functional swing gates is powered by a Magnetic PLC controller and SEW motor allowing the gates to operate independently with a 5-metre opening for vehicles to enter and exit simultaneously. By removing the card reader pillar, the gates can be operated together to allow for a 10-metre opening, enabling large machinery and vehicles to safely access the site.

The hot-dipped galvanised gates were installed at the quarry site not only to prevent unauthorised entry but also to increase safety for workers, given the heavy traffic from machinery and large trucks operating on the site. 

The MSG gates provide maximum control of vehicular passage at security access points and can be tailored to suit specific site applications.

Image: The MSG swing gates can be operated independently for 5m openings or even together to allow for a 10m opening