Magnetic Automation installed a 12-metre MCG XL cantilever gate with MSL 20MC motor at the wide entry point of a coal export site. 

The largest in Magnetic’s MCG cantilever gates range, the automatic gate was installed at the site to protect against unauthorised foot traffic in a high vehicle thoroughfare area.

Designed for commercial, industrial and security applications, the MCG automatic cantilever gates feature a modern design that eliminates the need for ground tracks and overhead rails. The cantilever system and customised options allow for a variety of motors and controllers to be installed based on the duty cycle of the gate.

The fully customisable MCG XL cantilever gate was fitted with three strands of barbed wire above the gate for additional protection and security, preventing any intruder from climbing over. The gates were also equipped with flashing lights and sonar alerts as an added accessory to increase safety.