Magnetic Automation installed light curtains on an MCG cantilever gate at a high-end security facility as part of additional safety measures.

The light curtains were installed at the gate entrance for additional safety because of the varying types of vehicles accessing the gate. Since the vehicles had different sizes and shapes, the existing PE beams and underground loops were unable to detect some of these vehicles resulting in accidental closing of the gates.

By installing light curtains, the facility was able to ensure all vehicles going through the gate entrance/exit could be definitively detected. Working in conjunction with the existing PE beams and ground loops, the light curtains safeguard against accidental closing of the sliding gates.

Magnetic’s light curtains installed at the facility feature about 150 PE beams criss-crossing through the opening and detecting everything that goes through the gates. Operating through 32 channels and an active area of 1400mm with criss-crossing beams, the light curtains will ensure no truck or any type of vehicle can go through undetected.

A customised 3-tier card reader bollard was also fully integrated with the site’s access security system.