When it comes to designing and building larger houses, framing made from Zincalume steel is becoming the material of choice because of its high strength-to-weight ratio and design flexibility.

Stronger and lighter as a combined material than all other framing alternatives, steel is giving builders and building designers greater scope to create wider rooms and higher ceilings, as well as support for innovative, non-conventional roofs that are increasingly being used to give properties a style of their own.

An example of this can be found at South Nowra, NSW, where steel building fabricator and builder of steel framed houses, Go Steel, has been selected to construct a customer’s dream home after local frame suppliers indicated that steel would be better to span the open areas required by the design. The slender profile and strength, yet lightweight nature of steel also meant that there were no cranes required to assemble the framework.

The building has a floor space of 288sq m, spacious living and lounge areas, as well as a large front deck all covered by roofing, made from Colorbond steel from BlueScope Steel . The specific spanning and load bearing requirements for the framing were therefore significant to its design.

According to Doug Bice, managing director of Go Steel: “Many people looking to create their own dream homes are now designing them to be bigger and better, with different design features that suit their specific needs and tastes. To make these designs possible, materials need to offer maximum strength and durability, as well as being cost effective.”

Source: Building Products News.