One of the many great benefits of LYSAGHT® steel building products is that they’re virtually maintenance-free, ensuring homeowners get to spend their free time enjoying their home, rather than working on it.

Where LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding is regularly washed by rain, it’s unlikely to need any further cleaning – it’s that easy, but there will be some parts of the home where the rain just can’t reach, such as wall cladding under the eaves and the underside of eave gutters.

For these areas, all that’s normally needed from a maintenance perspective is a hosing down at least every six months, to wash off any dirt and to keep the surface looking clean and crisp. If you live in coastal areas where salt spray is prevalent, or somewhere close to commercial or industrial activity, this washing will need to be done more regularly, every three months or so. 

If regular maintenance has been neglected for some time, a little bit more elbow grease may be needed to get rid of all the dirt which may have gradually stuck to the surface of the cladding. It’s important to make the extra effort to clean this because condensation can be absorbed by the dust and dirt, and eventually this may lead to corrosion.

In this situation all that’s really needed to bring your LYSAGHT® cladding back to top condition is to wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap, or a mild non-abrasive kitchen detergent (never use solvent type cleaners such as mineral turpentine, kerosene or paint thinners).

After washing down the surface with a hose, mix the soap or detergent in a bucket of warm water, then use a sponge, soft cloth or soft bristle nylon brush to gently wash away the inground dirt and dust.

Take care not to apply too much pressure when rubbing against the surface because this can result in shiny areas on the metal. Once the entire surface has been washed with the soap, rinse thoroughly with clean water immediately afterwards to remove any trace of detergent. In the case of stubborn dirt, the process can be repeated until you’re satisfied.

With a simple maintenance schedule, your LYSAGHT® roof and wall cladding will not only continue to look great, but also have a long lifespan.