When Build Up Tassie’s Charity House project started, it ignited a spark in many, including Lyndsay Pyke from Central Roofing Supplies and Select Roofing. A local roofing installer with a heart for community, Lyndsay saw this not merely as a construction project, but as a potent platform for change. The project's mission was to create a four-bedroom home, the sale of which would fund training opportunities for young and vulnerable Tasmanians seeking a career in the building industry. As a company deeply committed to quality and community, Lysaght was quick to join forces with Lyndsay and Build Up Tassie to make this vision a reality.

Lyndsay’s Endeavour: Building Hope in Herdsmans Cove

The task at hand was significant: a house that stood as a beacon of hope and an engine for change. And Lyndsay was ready for it. Volunteering his skills and time alongside a team of local tradespeople, he became an integral part of Build Up Tassie’s grand design. And at the heart of Herdsmans Cove, thanks to their generosity, a four-bedroom house now proudly stands.

A Partnership Forged in Steel

With Lysaght's materials and Lyndsay's expertise, a partnership was forged. Lysaght contributed CUSTOM ORB® roofing, Quad Gutter, and NOVALINE® Fascia systems to the project. Our Australian-made CUSTOM ORB® roofing added a touch of classic style to the house, while our Quad Gutter and NOVALINE® Fascia ensured practicality and longevity.

Building More Than a House

The house, now complete and sold, stands as a proud achievement in the community. The proceeds from the sale are directly financing the Build Up Tassie initiative, which will provide more than 50 young Tasmanians with a pathway to meaningful employment in the building industry. It's about more than just constructing homes; it's about laying the foundations for promising futures, empowering young individuals to carve their own journeys.

A Lasting Legacy

Lyndsay's commitment to the Charity House project leaves a lasting legacy beyond the physical structure of the house. He has given young and vulnerable Tasmanians the opportunity to learn, grow, and create a better future for themselves. Lysaght is proud to have contributed to this project that mirrors our brand values of quality, commitment, and community engagement.

The Build Up Tassie Charity House project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when vision, determination, and community spirit come together. It showcases the incredible work of local heroes like Lyndsay Pyke and highlights how Lysaght's durable and practical building solutions can contribute to meaningful community initiatives.