Lysaght provided a custom cladding solution for the sky signs on the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne.

A purpose-built centre-of-excellence for cancer research, treatment, education and care, the VCCC is located in the prestigious Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. The facility accommodates 110 same-day beds, 96 overnight inpatient beds, education and training facilities, and more than 20,000 square metres of dedicated research space for up to 1,200 researchers.

A distinctive landmark on the Melbourne skyline, the VCCC features two illuminated 30-metre-long sky signs that shine like a beacon of hope in the night; a key element of these sky signs is the purple, custom powder coated Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding that forms their backdrop.

Lysaght’s scope included the supply of 7,500sqm of LONGLINE 305 cladding, in both COLORBOND Metallic Steel Colour Celestian and a powder coated custom Purple colour as well as providing technical support in delivering the powder coated custom colour and partnering with architects in presentations to support the specification.

Lysaght came into the project at an early stage when Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding, along with other Lysaght products, was being considered for various walling and cladding applications. The cladding would also be required for the plant screen that forms the backdrop for the VCCC sky signs displaying the facility’s name.

The bold Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding was specified for the VCCC project for its dramatic aesthetics; moreover, this project coincided with the release of the new COLORBOND Metallic steel by BlueScope – most of the cladding used in the project in various applications was supplied in the striking COLORBOND Metallic steel colour Celestian.

For the plant screens behind the sky signs, the Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding was supplied in a unique purple colour to complement a prominent purple ‘ribbon’ feature in the VCCC’s design.

Since current COLORBOND steel technology couldn’t provide the colour, the Lysaght team delivered the specific purple colour via a 3-pack process, applied over the light COLORBOND steel colour Surfmist and warranted for 10 years.

Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding

One of five European-inspired profiles available in Lysaght’s new ZENITH premium range, Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding is a distinctive and dramatic profile favoured by architects for the visual interest it adds to large areas by casting evolving shadows throughout the day.

For even greater design freedom and aesthetic interest, Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding can also be fluted and tapered to create strong lines radiating out from a central point and easily accommodate curvilinear structures.

Lysaght LONGLINE 305 cladding features a strong and durable profile with a standard cover width of 305mm; is suitable for roof pitches as low as one degree; and incorporates a specially designed concealed-fix system that maintains the clean linear visual, allows for thermal expansion and eliminates screw penetrations that can potentially allow water ingress.

The Lysaght ZENITH range is available in unpainted ZINCALUME steel, the contemporary COLORBOND steel colour range, the superb COLORBOND Metallic steel colour range and the newly available COLORBOND Matt.