Lysaght Longline 305 cladding was a natural choice for the roof at The Calyx, the new $17 million exhibition centre located within The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

Designed by PTW Architects and built by Cockram Construction on the site of the existing Sydney Tropical Centre, The Calyx is a new world-class attraction featuring the largest living green wall in the southern hemisphere.

Designed as an extension of the Garden’s Arc Glasshouse, the exhibition centre provides an integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas to accommodate a variety of horticultural displays as well as host regular hospitality events and cultural exhibitions.

The Calyx was officially opened in June 2016 as a flagship bicentenary event to mark The Royal Botanic Garden’s 200th birthday.

Tapered Lysaght Longline 305 in COLORBOND steel 0.70 BMT in colour Shale Grey was selected for roofing the enclosed sections, with the cladding perfectly complementing the exhibition centre’s striking circular form and strong, rib-like steel frame.

Lysaght was engaged early in the project, allowing close collaboration with the architect to ensure their desired specification of tapered Lysaght Longline 305 cladding would work in the design. This included carefully calculating the tapers required for each sheet of Lysaght Longline 305 cladding and then scheduling the required manufacturing accordingly to ensure the sheets accurately followed the curvature of the roof.

Fixed in place with a specially designed, concealed-fix system, the tapered Lysaght Longline 305 cladding delivered the flawless fanned deck envisaged by the architects.

Lysaght Longline 305 steel cladding

The distinctive profile of Lysaght Longline 305 cladding adds visual interest to large areas by casting evolving shadows that change the look of the roof throughout the day. This steel cladding product can also be fluted and tapered to create strong lines radiating out from a central design point across the expanse of the roofing structure, allowing even greater design freedom and aesthetic interest.

Manufactured from 0.7mm ZINCALUME steel or COLORBOND steel, Lysaght Longline 305 cladding has a standard cover width of 305mm, and is strong and durable; the water carrying properties of the concealed-fixed Lysaght Longline 305 cladding makes it suitable for roofing applications with a pitch as low as one degree.

The specially designed concealed-fix system allows for thermal expansion and the absence of screw penetrations eliminates the potential for water ingress over time.

Lysaght also manufactures a range of standard flashings for their roofing and walling products, including Roll Top Ridge Capping, Barge Capping and Barge Roll. In addition, flashings can be manufactured in a range of shapes and profiles.