The new Lysaght LOK-KLIP end joint/ expansion joint system now makes the popular KLIP-LOK steel roofing from BlueScope Lysaght an even more attractive choice in the building industry. 

Since its introduction by Lysaght in 1958, KLIP-LOK steel roofing has been a popular choice with architects, designers, builders and building owners because of its clean lines uninterrupted by fasteners.

The Lysaght LOK-KLIP is fast, effective and safe to use, enabling builders and roof fixers to easily and quickly install weather-resistant end- and expansion joints between overlapping sheets of Lysaght KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH, or KLIP-LOK CLASSIC 700 roof sheeting.

Compatible with both steel and translucent sheeting, the low profile Lysaght LOK-KLIP system maintains the long clean lines of the KLIP-LOK profile without cluttering the roof space with visible step joints.

Comprising of a fully engineered bracket manufactured from 100% Australian made ZINCALUME steel and custom shaped weather resistant polyethylene strips, the Lysaght LOK-KLIP system has been fully tested under cyclonic and non-cyclonic conditions for weather resistance and wind uplift performance in Lysaght’s own NATA accredited testing facility.

The unique LOK-KLIP bracket is secured to the bottom sheet using standard roofing fasteners and is designed to hold the top sheet firmly against the profiled polyethylene weather resistant strip, thereby creating the weather resistant seal, all the while maintaining the KLIP-LOK roofing’s ability to accommodate normal thermal expansion and contraction. 

The new Lysaght LOK-KLIP system was used recently by Maroochydore roofing specialist Regan Projex on Stockland’s Brightwater Market Place project on the Sunshine Coast.

The project called for the installation of over 3000m² of Lysaght KLIP-LOK HI-STRENGTH steel cladding manufactured from COLORBOND steel. 

Ashley Regan, owner of RPX said that Lysaght’s roofing experts suggested using their new LOK-KLIP solution for the step joint half way along the skillion roof. Thermal expansion was an issue since they were working with sheet lengths up to 29.3 metres. With such lengths, fixing the sheets is a pretty quick process but expansion joints can take time. However with the Lysaght LOK-KLIP system, their crew was able to complete the job quickly.

The Lysaght LOK-KLIP system also allows use of shorter sheet lengths, avoiding the potential site and handling issues of longer roof sheets. Without the additional purlin detailing required for conventional step joints, the Lysaght LOK-KLIP system can also save money.

The Lysaght LOK-KLIP system is the next step in the evolution of one of Australia’s most popular and proven industrial and commercial roofing systems. 

Lysaght is a business unit of BlueScope and a leading manufacturer and supplier of steel building products and solutions.