Our home

Built in 1892, the original kilns still stand by the old train line that was used to transport bricks right up until the mid-1900s.

The Adelaide Hills town of Littlehampton is our home. Our roots run deep here, the footpaths are made with our pavers, and more homes are built with our bricks than not.

The Hills are rich with clays and shales, their unique properties lending our range its array of deeply saturated golds and reds, through to cool cream and earthy brown.

Access to these particular clays is the very reason we built our brickyard here over 130 years ago.

Our heritage


From the days of feeding wood into draft kilns over firings that lasted weeks, lifting clays and shales by hand and horse power, for over 130 years we have lit our kilns to fire bricks from local clays.

Our brickmakers have seen wars, depressions, pandemics, industrialisation and automation.

Our craft


Littlehampton’s artisan brickmakers use methods honed throughout our long history of making quality clay bricks and pavers. Retaining heritage processes, and using them in innovative ways to create something totally unique.

Brickmaking is an alchemy. Clays, temperature, time and fuels are our ingredients.

Having intimate knowledge of these ingredients gives us creative control over our products.

Get to know our range or work with our brickmakers to create a bespoke solution for your project.