The appeal of clay bricks goes beyond their strength, longevity and performance. The countless design options offered in today’s market have enabled architects to create beautiful brick structures with striking features and timeless aesthetics. However, only handcrafted bricks offer the ability to create unique individual designs with colours, textures and details that cannot be replicated with mass production techniques.

Crafted for Quality: The Benefits of Building with Handcrafted Clay Bricks examines why clay bricks remain the premier building material and considers the benefits of handcrafted bricks over their mass-produced equivalents. We consider how bricks are made, and some of the differences between mass production and handcrafting techniques. We discuss the architectural benefits of clay brick, then highlight the specific advantages of handcrafted bricks: design flexibility, aesthetics, superior quality and their role in preserving Australian heritage buildings.

With over 120 years’ experience in handcrafting boutique bricks, Littlehampton Bricks & Pavers have the expertise, knowledge and friendly staff that are happy to help you with your project.  Littlehampton’s bricks and pavers are unique, exclusive, and exceed the highest standards of quality and consistency. Their handcrafted products have been chosen for many world-leading projects and continue to innovate in bespoke designs, unique features and range of colours.


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