Urimat Waterless Urinals by Litesource , can save washroom designers, architects and the end user an average of 100,000 litres of water per year, per urinal. With no chemicals, no water and no smell, Urimat is a real solution for cutting down water in men’s washrooms.

Litesource offers waterless urinals that are cost effective and environment friendly. It functions by using intelligent technology which results to minimal maintenance cost and short ammortisation times.

The urinal system can be easily cleaned as there are no urine scale deposits. Litesource supplies high quality RBA bathroom products which are suitable for heavy duty environments including institutions, public washrooms, clubs, hospitals and industrial and commercial applications.

Litesource offers wide range of washroom accessories and products including stainless steel basins, urinals, toilets, self closing taps and flush valves. Litesource supplies broad product range of washroom accessories from Bobrick Today which have budget and design flexibility and are suitable in large office buildings, restaurants, retail shops, hotels, airports, hospitals and schools. These accessories are used by building owners, architects and contractors all around the world.