The Lite-103 E40 LED street lamps are available from Litesource . The 28W Lite-103 E40 LED street lamp has high brightness of up to 2500 lumens and a 50,000-hour life.

Following are the features of the Lite-103 E40 LED street lamps:

  • Low power consumption – 28 x 1W CREE LED
  • High brightness - Up to 2500 lumens
  • Long life - Up to 50,000 hours, adopted the PWM constant current power, protects the LED efficiently
  • Robust design - shock and vibration resistant
  • Light Beam - Low heat generated/No UV, adopted the integrative lamp cup and radiator, disperse heat quickly
  • Easy installation with the adjustable base, which is easy to install into almost any kind of lamp pole

Following are the technical specifications of the Lite-103 E40 LED street lamps:

  • Power consumption 28W LED
  • Working voltage 85V to 264V AC
  • Power factor (PF) >92%
  • Luminous flux 2500 Lumens
  • LED luminous efficiency 90 Lumens per watt
  • Colour temperature 3000ºK to 7000ºK
  • Materials aluminium alloy, tempered glass or clear impact resistant poly lens
  • Working temperature - 30ºC to + 60ºC
  • Storage temperature - 40ºC to + 80ºC