The BL1 is a three-part column with an inline design, available from LINAK Australia .

The BL1’s inline design solves a number of challenges including:

  • The smooth aluminium surface of the column makes it easy to clean
  • The plane surfaces and inline design are a modern alternative to more mechanical designs
  • The column leaves free space under the bed allowing for easier access

The reason why LINAK Australia has found inventive solutions to everyday hospital challenges is its close cooperation with customers.

The merging of experiences and challenges made it possible for LINAK Australia to compose the BL1-solution.

Further advantages of the BL1 column include:

  • Part of the future-proof OPENBUS-system
  • Speeds up to 10mm/s
  • Strength: 2000N
  • Synchronised tube movement
  • Column secured against rotation
  • Accurate positioning with dual hall
  • Easy to mount
  • Anodised aluminium surface