The CBD6S control box from LINAK Australia offers fast, easy, simple and intuitive mounting, saving time during the assembly of electric adjustable desks with DESKLINE systems.

LINAK works to LEAN principles in all their production processes, and so do most of their customers. The control box CBD6S comes with features that can help optimise the time spent on mounting electric systems on height adjustable office desks.

Designed with intuitive mounting at the core, the CBD6S control box is lightweight and easy to handle when mounting, requiring no more than two screws for mounting; even single-screw mounting is a possibility. 

The control box has logical motor cable plugs in each end with the white plugs easily visible, simplifying connection and disconnection. 

The control box has cable grooves and a mains cable relief in the bottom plate for optimal cable management. Both features support the cables, reducing strain on the cables and making it easier to produce an electric adjustable office desk with superior cable management.

Intuitive mounting with DESKLINE systems results in benefits such as fast and easy single screw-mounting; motor cable plugs in both ends; cable grooves for tidy cable management; and cable relief with less strain to the mains cable.

The CBD6S is a state-of-the-art control box, which maintains LINAK characteristics including high quality, superb performance, pleasant sound, Plug and Play, and standard features such as compact and lightweight design, low standby power consumption, PVC-free construction, and intuitive cable management.