LINAK Australia announces the release of four new desk panels that work with an app to change the way height adjustable office desks are used.

Studies reveal that sitting for extended hours at the workplace will impact the person’s health. A height adjustable desk turns this challenging situation into an opportunity to get fit by enabling the user to work at the desk in both standing and sitting positions.

LINAK’s new family of innovative desk panels is designed to encourage users to use their height adjustable desks more frequently, and in a new way.

Research indicates that desk panels for height adjustable office desks need to be intuitive, motivational (through reminders to the user) and digital.

DPG desk panels range from a simple up/down model to advanced versions with sophisticated features. All four DPG desk panels are intuitive as they are operated via tilt instead of buttons – this means the user needn’t look at the panel while adjusting the desk.

When a user is reminded to stand during a workday, it results in increased usage of the adjustable desk. Three of the four new desk panels feature the integrated reminder function, indicated either via light or through Desk Control app notifications. Bluetooth technology is integrated into these desk panels. 

All the data is synchronised between the different platforms: For instance, if settings are changed for the app in the phone, they will be automatically updated on the computer as well as in the desk panel.

Much more than a mere desk panel, DPG is a platform of endless functionality possibilities, and will change the way the height adjustable office desk is used today.