Libart retractable roofs are now manufactured in Australia.

Libart, a global brand in the field of ‘kinetic architecture’, presents retractable roofs that optimise the use of alfresco areas in homes, hotels, restaurants and offices.

A Libart retractable roof is ideal for the alfresco area of the home as the roof can be opened, partially opened or closed depending on the weather and the comfort level of the residents or guests. 

In restaurants and hotels, owners can avoid makeshift awnings and blinds to create a special outdoor environment for customers, adding an extra dimension to their dining experience while providing fast return on investment for the owner. 

Commercial buildings can also integrate a retractable roof into the design, tapping into natural light and solar energy to reduce the use of artificial light and heating costs while demonstrating corporate environmental responsibility.

Key features of Libart retractable roofs include large spans; aluminium extrusions in a choice of powdercoated or anodised finishes; glazing choice of multiwall polycarbonate or specifically manufactured double glazed tinted glass; single or double pitch roofs; motorised operation with button control; and striking custom designs.