Libart designed and installed a retractable venue structure for a client in Konya, Turkey, helping them triple their revenue from hosting events.

Large outdoor areas are considered prime real estate for hosting different kinds of events from sporting meets and family gatherings to weddings and other commercial happenings. While events hosted in outdoor areas are popular, venue owners and event organisers have to constantly factor the weather into their plans.

Libart’s retractable venue structures are designed for all the special occasions hosted in an outdoor area. These enclosures spectacularly frame the area, protecting the venue and occupants all year around, come rain or shine.

In this particular application for the venue owner in Konya, Turkey, Libart supplied an opening roof structure (Evolution Freestanding) with 21 bays. Measuring 20m x 43m, the opening roof can expose the venue area within 10 minutes. This outdoor venue featured a telescopic dome as well as an in-ground swimming pool.

Libart retractable venue enclosures offer clients the assurance of a dry and secure space suitable for hosting parties, weddings, and corporate or private events all year around.