Stealth Speakers are a new secret weapon for interior architects. Any living room or entertainment space can now have clean surfaces - just as you intended, along with quality audio – just as Len Wallis Audio intended.

Stealth Speakers deliver sound much the same way as other in-wall speakers, except they are completely invisible. The Stealth Speakers are embedded in gyprock, covered and painted over to blend into a smooth surface.

Even from inside the wall, the Stealth Speakers produce sound comparable to conventional speakers.

Len Wallis Audio has two pairs of Stealth Speakers installed in a modern demonstration room. The sound is impressive, with tight, deep bass and plenty of midrange and upper detail. Once you get used to the idea of hearing sound coming from a blank section of wall, the possibilities immediately start to mount up.

From a basic speaker setup to the 11.2 surround theatre, Stealth Speakers are flexible to any requirements.

Len Wallis Audio provides experienced consultation and installation on Stealth Speakers. Len Wallis Audio can offer advice on incorporating audio magic into your next project that is impossible to see and good to hear.