The Focal Electra 1027Be from Len Wallis Audio is small and the sound produced is clear, open and engaging. The beryllium tweeter (as used in the speakers from Focal) gives the top end clean and extended character that can take advantage of the recordings while illuminating those with perhaps a lesser response. The cabinets are shaped to defeat standing waves and to minimise unwanted reflections off the front.  

Focal has decided to include as much of the fine character of the 1027Be as possible into a lower version of the 1027S. The S signifies that the Beryllium tweeter is replaced by an aluminium and magnesium alloy inverted dome tweeter with a bandwidth of 2.5–30 kHz. Midrange and woofers are W sandwich cone construction, as per other Electra and Utopia models.  

Cabinets are 50mm thick and vinyl-finished in three colour choices of Black, Classic (light timber look) and Macassar (dark brown timber look).  At 91dBSPL efficiency and nominal 8Ω impedance, these speakers are not hard to drive and amplifier power anywhere from 40–300-watts is recommended. Dimensions are 1050 × 264 × 350mm (HWD).