Meridian have the entire play mechanism slide out instead of just the disc on a tray.

Meridian have introduced the new updated G-series of CD, DVD and one-box G92 system, which is available from Len Wallis Audio .

The new series will look familiar apart from the slot-loader and the CD players G06 and G08 become the G06.2 and the G08.2.

The G96 DVD player has the new slot-loader as well as HDMI output fed by Meridian and Faroudja technology for full HD results.

On the back panels of the G61R surround processor (and the G68 series) there will also be USB connections to extend their usefulness in playing back centrally stored music.

The G68 will become available in two versions, one of them (the XXD variant) having an additional eight professional-standard balanced analogue outputs.

The G92 should continue to create a lot of interest. It is a Processor/Disc Drive/ Tuner in one chassis of roughly the same profile as the players.

If used with Meridian active speakers, this creates a high-end, compact system solution, a suitable option to a lot of buyers these days.