The distinctive red façade of the administrative headquarters of Zublin AG still looks fresh and vibrant after 15 years’ exposure to extreme weather conditions thanks to Bayferrox inorganic red pigment – available in Australia from Bayer Hodgsons – used to colour the concrete.

The building demonstrates how colour can be effectively used to differentiate concrete as an economical building material of architectural distinction. The red concrete façade which is composed largely of red columns and pale red spandrel was created to satisfy a number of special requirements relating to shape and design, as well as weather stability, load-bearing capacity, construction physics and longevity. The prefabricated concrete components were coloured using Bayferrox 110 inorganic red pigment and then assembled on site. The intended difference in colour between the load-bearing and non-load-bearing components was achieved through the selective use of grey and white cements. Fifteen years after construction, the façade has retained its distinctive fine red sandstone appearance and is testimony to the excellent weather resistance properties of Bayferrox inorganic pigments. There is virtually no difference in colour between the areas protected from weathering on the 60m long hall and the outer walls of the building.

Source: Building Products News