The Basic Chemicals Business Unit at Lanxess supplies high-quality industrial chemicals to the Australian market. Aromatic compounds manufactured by Lanxess are cresols, nitrotoluenes, chlorobenzenes, chlorotoluenes, amines, benzyl products, sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, trimethylol propane and hexandiol.

The industries and areas of application of the aromatic compounds are agriculture, paints, polymers, pigments, dyes, automobiles and construction. Saltigo, a subsidiary of Lanxess develops tailor-made solutions for industrial customers, ranging from the development of synthetics and their production procedures and transforming them into industrial standards. To meet the specialist needs of a diverse range of customers, Saltigo operates in three business lines namely pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and speciality chemicals.

Lanxess provides plastics additives, phosphorus, and specialty chemicals like organic and inorganic colorants for a wide range of industrial sectors. The plastics additives include flame retardants, plasticizers that prevent plastics from becoming brittle and colorants. Lanxess offers finishing chemicals, water treatment agents and specialty chemicals.

The inorganic pigments supplies by Lanxess are widely used in Construction materials industries, by dye and paint manufacturers and in the plastics industry. Lanxess also supplies range of chemical products for manufacturing leather like inorganic and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives and fatliquoring agents.

The other performance chemicals supplied by Lanxess include ion exchange resins, biocidal active ingredients and preservatives, active ingredient compounds and specialty chemicals as well as rubber chemicals.