KST Water-saving Facilities  provide self-power sensor faucet. It can be installed with a self-powered hydrogenerator and adopts self-generating power system to replace the battery.

The self-powered sensor faucet helps in saving the water usage, conserve energy and reduce the costs without sacrificing performance and reliability. There is no need to replace the battery and requires less maintenance. The total cost of using this faucet can be reduced by employing workers in replacing the battery and provide convenience to users.

This faucet features a non-contacted design. The controller switches on the latching valve, when the hands are close to the sensor. Then, the water flow goes through the generator and the turbine rotates to generate electricity. If the sensor detects hands stay, the latching valve keeps working. If the sensor detects no hands stay, it will close the latching valve and the electricity stored becomes the main power resource.

The features of self-powered sensor faucet include:

  • Uses mini self-power hydrogenerator as main power, need no of battery or AC adaptor
  • Avoid polluting environment and eco-friendly
  • Reduces callbacks, requires no regular diaphragm replacement. It adopts the self-generating power system
  • Infrared sensor technology and touch-free design enhances image
  • The hydraulic latching valve prevents debris in water clogging the faucet and therefore increases the durability of our products
The modern outlook of this self-powered sensor faucet enhances the appearance of bathrooms. KST Water-saving Facilities also modifies this product to fulfil the request and adds own brand name onto the product to increase the product variety of the firm.