KST Water - Saving Facilities  provides different types of automatic air fresheners that operator using infrared sensors. Automatic air fresheners model KST-WF-0329 is operated with a main on and off switch. There are three modes of selection for customers in case of model KST-WF-0329 automatic air freshener which is a 24 timer counting working for a whole day, a night timer counting that functions either in day or night only and the last mode is day timer counting operated only during at light.

Automatic air fresheners model KST-WF-0329 operated with an internal timer that starts to count with a green colour LED on, and the spray starts to function, which is identified with a red colour LED. The machine operates by UMI one battery. The refill compartment is available with a lock and key.

KST Water - Saving Facilities also provides another type of automatic air fresheners, named as human sensor automatic air freshener dispenser. It functions when it detects human movement within the sensing range. It starts to spray at every 7.5 minutes or 15 minutes.

It is available in a dimension of 79 millimetre in length, 89 millimetre in width and 244 millimetre in height. With a strong professional team working at KST Water - Saving Facilities research and development sector focuses in solving common problems by designing innovative products that are eco friendly.