Leading Australian packaging company, ANZPAC has benefitted extensively from the adoption of Konecranes’ service backup and technology designed to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency in its operations.

ANZPAC says its Smithfield facility depends greatly on chain hoists for its light lifting operations, and has deployed more than 20 hoists serviced by Konecranes, including one of the first of Konecranes’ next generation CLX units to go into service in Australasia.

A world-leading crane service provider, Konecranes has more than 420,000 cranes of all brands under service contract worldwide.

ANZPAC, an Australian packaging company which has been operating at its Smithfield site since 1992, switched to Konecranes’ service last year, when it also installed the 500kg CLX as part of an ongoing efficiency enhancement of the Smithfield facility.

Describing Konecranes’ service as second to none, ANZPAC Engineering Manager, Mr Chris Martin comments that their technicians come in on time, do their service and leave without causing any disruption on site.

He explains that the Konecranes technicians follow all the rules and procedures to the letter, are very knowledgeable about the cranes, and give accurate service reports and reasonable recommendations.

Konecranes Service Contract Manager Mr Peter De La Mare says the safety and efficiency values shared by ANZPAC and Konecranes have helped to build a strong relationship. Konecranes’ breakdown response time, attention to preventative maintenance identification, and reporting and communication from the technician at completion of the work have greatly helped in building this relationship since taking on ANZPAC’S crane maintenance in August 2013.

Konecranes is also proactive in consulting with the client about efficiency and safety opportunities, liaising constantly with their site contact and advising possible solutions to many onsite concerns.

ANZPAC’s focus on safety, reliability and efficiency was a key driving force behind the company’s decision to install the CLX hoist.

Part of a range extending up to 2.5 tonne in capacity, ANZPAC’s 500kg CLX hoist is designed for a longer lifetime, with up to 1600 hours of service on most models on a full load, and featuring a durable aluminium construction.

Key features of Konecranes’ CLX chain hoists include durable lift chain, a key element for excellent service in environments such as ANZPAC’s; patented chain sprocket that dramatically improves the durability of the hoist chain; completely redesigned oil lubrication-based transmission that reduces operating temperature, increases power, and is maintenance-free and much quieter to operate; and integrated safety functions such as the brake and clutch installed on the same axle to prevent the load from dropping even if the clutch breaks down.

Mr De La Mare comments that the CLX chain hoist is designed to perform in applications where reliability, safety and efficiency are critical, which is particularly important for ANZPAC as it relies heavily on light lifting chain hoists to load and unload material for their stationed operators.