High volume industries such as manufacturing, bulk materials handling and mining use jib cranes within their operations for reasons such as flexibility, efficiency and safety. Jib cranes can conveniently fit into confined spaces and rotate laterally, providing an added level of flexibility for businesses with diverse or constantly changing production needs.

Konecranes has now extended the versatility of these jib cranes by tailoring them for tasks in fast-paced, high volume facilities, where they can lift and position lighter loads (typically up to 2 tonnes) safely and accurately. Regularly used in conjunction with overhead cranes, which handle heavier loads, these industry workhorses come in wall or floor mounted options, and are compliant with Australian Standard AS1418.1-2002.

Konecranes jib cranes can be tailored to the individual needs of each operation with a broad range of options. Key features include choice of over-braced jib crane models with an enclosed steel profile and under-braced jibs with an I-beam profile; standard wall-mounted jib cranes rotating up to 180°, pillar jibs moving through 270°, and custom options available with up to a full 360° rotation; wide choice of load capacities and outreaches; and different anchoring possibilities.


A wide range of load capacities and outreaches makes Konecranes jib cranes highly adaptable to different applications. There are several different ways to fix the jib to the wall or floor to optimise its performance in a particular application or facility.


Safety features include an adjustable console bearing that ensures accuracy in horizontal beam adjustment, and minimises uncontrolled beam and trolley movements. Options include an adjustable rotation stop with 10° increments and a 3-position lock (-90°, 0°, +90°). Different anchoring possibilities provide additional levels of safety.

Productivity and efficiency

The low weight, unique shape and adjustable console bearing of the over-braced enclosed steel profile jibs add to the efficiency while the light construction reduces stress on the structure and optimises the design life of the product. These jibs also feature an excellent hook outreach dimension and a power-feeding flat cable under the profile.

Under-braced I-beam profile jibs are durable and robust and can be combined with a festoon and galvanised c-track. Their construction allows them to operate in spaces with very low headroom.

Fast installation

Large, reinforced steel base plates allow simple installation and relocation of Konecranes jib cranes, reducing both production downtime and the cost of installing or moving the crane.

Lifting options

Konecranes jib cranes can be fitted with lifting devices to suit exact requirements, ranging from a manual chain block with push and pull mobility to fully or partially powered solutions using electricity or air as the power source. A chain block, air balancer or electric hoist can each be used with a jib crane to suit different lifting applications.