Konecranes is a major sponsor of the Australian Steel Convention being hosted this year in Melbourne. Sponsoring the event for the fifth year in a row, the global crane manufacturer and crane service specialist is also demonstrating their UNITON crane at the convention. Particularly applicable to the steel industry, UNITON finds application in materials handling, manufacturing and maintenance activities.

At this year’s convention, the Konecranes booth is focussing on advanced technologies such as SMART features, lifecycle care through the yourKONECRANES portal and the new Konecranes parts store, all of which are designed to provide a greater level of safety, reliability and information that can help to better plan maintenance and service schedules.

Commenting on their sponsorship of the event, Konecranes Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand and Philippines, Mr James Dowe said that their continued support of the convention provides them with a valuable opportunity to discuss the steel industry with other experts and help shape its future into one that is safe, efficient and reliable.

Mr Dowe will also be personally attending Konecranes’ booth at the convention, along with Konecranes Head of APAC Region, Mr Steve Gagnuss, National Industrial Equipment Sales Manager, Mr Peter Monaghan, and Operations Manager, Mr Daniel Mccarney to answer any questions about Konecranes technologies or the steel industry in general.

According to Mr Dowe, one of Konecranes’ biggest focus areas over the past 12 months has been on improving the user experience when deciding on, ordering and receiving a crane, part or service. The company’s lifecycle care campaign can add years to the overall life of valuable plant and identify problems before they occur.

UNITON crane

An excellent all-rounder with good fundamentals and performance, UNITON provides the duty class, hoisting speeds and trolley traversing speeds required by the user along with the assurance of full compliance with safety requirements. UNITON has a number of distinct advantages for steel and related industries, including maintenance-friendly trolley; range of operator interfaces; and extended speed range as an option.


Konecranes’ new yourKONECRANES customer portal provides direct access to maintenance data including planned inspections, service and reports in an easy-to-access and responsive web interface.

SMART features

SMART features are available on most Konecranes cranes, and make operations safer and more productive using advanced technologies. These features include Sway Control, Target Positioning, Shock Load Control, Safety Zoning, and Regenerative Drive Systems.

All these features are designed to integrate Konecranes’ equipment with the customer’s overall handling systems, helping to increase productivity, reduce manpower, and improve energy saving and environmental targets.

Parts Store

The new Konecranes parts store (store.konecranes.com) offers an intuitive experience to customers in Australasia, helping them easily find the parts they need, check availability and track orders. The store will not only offer the full suite of Konecranes parts but also supply replacement parts for all makes and models of cranes, regardless of the original manufacturer.

The new store is designed to improve inventory and lead time accuracy as well as simplify the process of finding the right crane parts, regardless of the make or model.

Konecranes employs over 12,000 people across 600 locations in 48 countries. Konecranes South East Asia Pacific includes Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

The 2016 Australian Steel Convention is being hosted in Melbourne CBD from 11-13 September 2016.

Image: Konecranes is a leading player in the steel industry, providing technology and expertise to improve safety, reliability, efficiency and uptime.