Konecranes is delivering four new Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes to Pacific National, Australia’s largest private rail freight operator. The four Konecranes RMGs will go into operation as part of the expansion and modernisation projects at Pacific National’s Sydney and Melbourne intermodal terminals.

The new rail mounted gantry cranes will enable Pacific National to serve its customers better at its expanded intermodal terminals in Sydney and Melbourne by providing world-class container handling productivity and reliability. Pacific National serves customers from the mining, manufacturing, grain, construction, metal and retail sectors.

Pacific National will use the all-electric, hydraulics-free Konecranes RMGs to load and unload containers to and from trains and road trucks as part of their intermodal terminal operations. Equipped with Konecranes’ Active Load Control (ALC) technology, which ensures fast, precise and safe container handling by eliminating container sway, the cranes will enable the terminals to achieve optimum container handling cycle times in all operating conditions, even with an inexperienced operator.

Konecranes will handle the maintenance of the new cranes, as it has been doing at Pacific National’s intermodal terminals in Sydney and Melbourne for the last five years. Konecranes is the world’s leading crane service provider, with more than 400,000 pieces of lifting equipment of different makes under maintenance contract around the world. Konecranes’ service contract for the cranes will minimise maintenance costs and downtime. The crane manufacturer’s TRUCONNECT remote monitoring will also enable remote diagnostics for maintenance purposes.

Pacific National’s Crane Project Manager, Mr Rodney Burfoot expects to significantly improve the capacity and productivity of their intermodal terminals with the new RMG cranes and other upgrades in systems and infrastructure.

Konecranes (Port Cranes) Project Manager Mr Antti Rajamäki says the delivery and erection process in Sydney has been greatly facilitated by the partnership and trust developed with Pacific National personnel over several years. He adds that the built-in innovative technology in the RMG cranes will help power Pacific National’s intermodal operations well into the future.