Kingspan’s KingZip Linea system met the design geometry intent of the architect during the execution of the Melbourne Jet Base at Melbourne Airport.

Designed by Cox Architecture, Melbourne Jet Base redefines the entry and departure experience for high-profile guests by ensuring privacy and security. The facility has 24-hour access to the runways and a large main hangar that can house up to 18 private aircrafts.

The impressive roof of Melbourne Jet Base is inspired by the wing form. Seeking a roof system that could achieve their design geometry intent, Cox engaged Kingspan for technical support.

Kingspan worked closely with Cox to ensure the double curved geometry of the roof design was within the capability of the KingZip Linea system. The KingZip product was roll-formed on site in lengths of up to 65m, resulting in a concealed fix standing seam roof with no joints.

The Kingspan RD 200/750 Structural deck was also used for parts of the project to increase the acoustic performance of the roof, the deck of which can span up to 9m without the need for purlins.

Photography: Drone Addiction & Peter Clarke Photography