Kingspan Insulated Panels (Kingspan), a global leader in high-performance insulation and building technologies, has announced its strategic partnership with Red8 Roofing, one of Australia’s largest and most respected metal roofing companies to support the construction of the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.  

This significant collaboration is delivering innovative, on-site manufacturing of roofing materials for the ambitious project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia. The partnership between Red8 Roofing and Kingspan will be instrumental in navigating the project’s complexity and ensuring its successful delivery. With the roofing work for stage one of the project currently in progress, two roll forming machines are operating on-site to produce materials and meet project deliverables.  

The Western Sydney International Airport project is akin to building a mini-city consisting of three superstructures within the heart of Western Sydney. The undertaking demonstrates the enormous effort required by all teams involved. 

Located in Badgerys Creek, in the heart of Western Sydney, the International Airport project will transform the local community and provide an invaluable boost to the economy. Due to open in 2026, it will be the second major airport in Sydney, designed to service 10 million passengers a year. Featuring smart building technology and innovation, it will showcase Australia's progressive approach towards global travel and mark a significant step forward for aviation infrastructure in the region.

KingZip roofing sheets

Kingspan and Red8 Roofing are taking an innovative approach, manufacturing 77-metre long KingZip roofing sheets on-site. This is made possible by a cutting-edge machine specifically designed for the project. The unique process not only drastically reduces the number of joints, resulting in improved air tightness and risk mitigation, but also significantly minimises the need for crane lifts, streamlining the installation process. The sheer size of the sheets also contributes to increased installation efficiency. 

“The scale and complexity of this project showcases Kingspan’s unique on-site rolling capability and is testament to our adaptability and commitment to meet the demands of such intricate projects,” said Jonathan Wormwell, General Manager, Kingspan. “Partnering with Red8 Roofing has given us a great opportunity to demonstrate our technical expertise and innovative spirit, qualities that Kingspan prides itself on.” 

The KingZip roofing system will provide the new airport with exceptional thermal performance and acoustic properties, whilst also being manufactured from locally produced Colorbond steel. A specially designed internal liner that boosts acoustics has also been incorporated into this unique design, tailored specifically to meet the project’s demanding acoustic requirements while also simplifying the installation process. 

In keeping with the airport’s design, the project is also firmly grounded in a suite of core principles. It prioritises operational efficiency, ensuring that the airport serves as a hub for local and international travel and as a model for future, eco-friendly infrastructure. 

“Our goal is to ensure that the Western Sydney International Airport stands as a beacon of innovation, with roofing materials that meet the highest standards of quality and contribute to the overall sustainability of the project,” Wormwell added.  

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