Kingspan Insulated Panels announces the launch of its customised BIM Bundles, hosted on Autodesk BIM360, which will help enhance budget efficiency and timelines for building and design projects.

Kingspan’s new BIM library is designed to provide customised BIM Bundles from its PIR and Mineral Wool core range of insulated panels in LOD200 and LOD300 format. All models in the library include up-to-date data and ratings on vital elements such as thermal performance, combustibility, length, steel grade, finish and colour, to give users peace of mind that the recommended BIM bundle meets their needs.

With real time updates via the Autodesk BIM360 platform to ensure all resource information is accurate, the BIM library will help industry professionals such as architects and building contractors select the correct solution from the start. This will significantly enhance specific project outcomes by reducing browsing time for the right products and minimise the chance of selecting the wrong products, which can lead to corrections that impact project budgets and timelines.

“Kingspan’s BIM library provides a solution that saves time and money, and helps building professionals deliver better customer services,” Kingspan Insulated Panels national specifications director Gary Worrell said.

“When the wrong insulation panel model is selected for a project, it results in project delays and increased costs. Users of the BIM Library can log on and provide their exact requirements. Kingspan’s Australian team reviews the details provided to identify the most suitable product, thickness and orientation for the project, ensuring the correct models are used upfront.”

BIM Bundles are delivered directly to the Autodesk BIM360 accounts of users so that they can be reviewed within the context of their projects. Through the BIM Library, users can customise:

  • approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation for LOD200 panels
  • specific assemblies, precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation for LOD300 panels.

Both are graphically represented within the model as a generic system.

Signing up for an Autodesk BIM360 account is free for Kingspan customers who have not previously used the platform.

“Kingspan insulated panels are single-component, factory pre-engineered systems,” Worrell said.

“Our technology has led the industry in thermal efficiency, fire safety and lifetime durability for 50 years. The launch of our BIM Library is just one more way that we are meeting our customers’ needs.”

For more information or to arrange access to a customised BIM bundle for an upcoming project, click here: