Doing a window lift with a crane is not always easy, as the load is slung from the hook attached to the hoisting wire rope and the slings can get in the way when trying to pull the load into the window.

In some cases the slings can cause damage to the item being lifted.

There is an alternative way of doing a window lift: by using a truck-mounted ladder hoist.

The ladder hoist consists of a hydraulic ladder that leans against the window sill or the wall just below the window, and of a platform/container that travels up and down the ladder.

The load rests on the platform/container, so there is no stress on the items being lifted, and it is easy to load and unload at the bottom and at the top.

A window lift using the ladder hoist is also much faster than a crane operation since the platform/container is good at ferrying multiple loads quickly and safely.

Because the ladder is resting against the building, there is no swinging of the load due to wind. King Hoists provides a lifting service for carrying out window lift and balcony lift operations in the Sydney metropolitan area.

The ladder hoist can reach 33 metres (about ten storeys) and can carry up to 300 kg at a time. The truck is a touch over 6 metres long and is less than two metres wide, so it can fit into tight spaces that would normally be a problem for cranes.