King Hoists  is the Australian distributor for Klaas cranes. Klaas cranes are ideal in that they are made from high-strength aluminium and thus have additional reach and height characteristics relative to their own weight.

Klaas cranes come in trailer or truck-mounted versions. For example, the K 19-28 trailer crane has a maximum working radius of 19 metre (with a hook load of 250kg) and a maximum hook height of 28 metre.

The K 19-28 trailer crane is mounted on a conventional trailer and can be towed by a small truck or large 4WD vehicle. At 3.5 tonnes, the unit is light enough to be craned into construction sites.

Larger Klaas cranes are mounted on trucks, which are much smaller than those used for traditional steel cranes. For example the K 35-42 (35m working radius/42m height) is mounted on a 12-tonne truck with a single rear axle.