Imagine spending weeks looking for the perfect couch only to find it does not fit through the front door.

Peninsula local Michael King understands the frustration this situation can bring. As the founder of King Hoists , he has helped plenty of residents across Sydney solve the problem of narrow stairwells, small lifts and doorframes.

The answer lies with his German built truck-mounted inclined lift which literally hoists oversized furniture up to 10 storeys (33ms) for entry via a balcony or large window.

Michael believes the Klaas lift is the only one of its kind in Australia, and says its applications have good potential.

The lifting service has become popular with removal companies who constantly encounter the tricky issue of navigating oversized furniture around poky corners.

Those doing their own removals and furniture shops which sell large items, have also cottoned on to the benefits of hoisting.

Allowing up to 300kg to be lifted, the lifting service has struck a chord with the building industry. Michael has successfully used his hoist to haul 7m lengths of roof sheeting up to a roof, along with 3.6m lengths of plasterboard.

With this comes the health and safety advantage of working with lift- loads that are lifted square on rather than around awkward corners and up stars, resulting in fewer back injuries. Once it reaches the balcony level, the lift slides over the top of the railing so there is no leaning to retrieve the item.

So impressed is he with the clever German technology, Michael also distributes other Klass products, including a modified version of his hoist which comes with a knee-joint for use in the roofing trade, aluminium cranes, which he says are characterised by their huge working radius relative to their own weight.