Lifting equipment and materials to an upper floor or roof can be a problem. Sometimes there is just not enough space in the lift and the stair well is awkward.

The only solution is to use lifting equipment on the outside of the building so equipment and materials do not need to go through the inside of the building.

Traditionally this has been done by a crane or a rack-and-pinion hoist. However, there is now another means of lifting equipment and materials to upper floors.

King Hoists provides a truck-mounted ladder hoist with an operator for hire within the Sydney Metropolitan area. The truck-mounted ladder hoist can reach up to 33 metres, or about 10 floors, and can lift multiple loads fast.

The truck-mounted ladder hoist is quick to set up and take down and is ideal for those jobs where lifting equipment is required once the rack-and-pinion hoist has been taken down, for example delivery of cabinets or appliances or furniture. With its small set-up footprint, the ladder hoist can fit into a lot of places that would be inaccessible to a crane.

The hoist can lift up to 300 kg in one go and is good at lifting equipment and materials fast and safely. The ladder hoist is also used for lifting equipment and materials in renovations of existing apartments as well as for the delivery of new furniture.