When fire insulation specialist Fire Stopping needed to get a fire retardant spray machine up to a roof to fireproof a lift machinery room, they called on King Hoists to lift the machine and their equipment using the equipment hoist.

Access to the roof was only through a manhole and ladder, so the only way to get the machine up to the roof was on the outside of the building.

Using the equipment hoist was much cheaper than a crane and more practical. The equipment hoist has a reach of 33 metres, or about 10 floors, and is good at lifting and lowering equipment up to a roof or upper floor via a balcony.

Fire Stopper took advantage of having the equipment hoist in place to lift their bags fire retardant and tools at the same time.

The equipment hoist is good at lifting multiple loads fast, so this saved them a lot of time labouring. With its small footprint, the equipment hoist can get into narrow spaces that would not be accessible to a crane.

Its low weight means the equipment hoist can set up on many surfaces that are suitable for cars. The equipment hoist is available in Sydney with an operator.