Kilargo was selected to supply their rigorously tested architectural seals for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) that opened recently in Adelaide, South Australia.

Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley and DesignInc for the Government of South Australia, the hospital was built by Hansen Yuncken & Leighton Contractors (HYLC Joint Venture).

Providing all South Australians with world-class healthcare, the new RAH is larger than the existing hospital in both size and capacity with 700 overnight beds, 100 day beds, 40 specialised technical suites, multiple entry points, single rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a retail precinct, green spaces and state-of-the-art technology.

Seeking only the very best in architectural and fire seals, with an emphasis on excellent acoustic dampening, the architects selected Kilargo to supply their seals for the new RAH, based on their past experience as a healthcare provider, and their recent work on major hospital projects in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Key considerations for the new state-of-the-art medical facility included infection and bacteria control as well as high-end acoustics for privacy and comfort of patients and staff. The project brief also sought a specified percentage of Australian made products.

As an Australian architectural seal manufacturer with local production, Kilargo was able to meet the specified high acoustic, smoke, fire and fit-for-purpose criteria. Kilargo’s local representative worked closely with HYLC Joint Venture and the design team to ensure all the specifications were met. The scope included designing seals, some of which featured smooth gaskets to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Additionally, Kilargo’s offsite storage facility in Adelaide allowed the company to cut delivery times, helping their client meet tight project timeframes.

Kilargo products used in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project included IS4010 threshold plate; IS4130 threshold plate; IS5111si sweep seal; IS7110si perimeter seal; IS7020si perimeter seal; IS7085si perimeter seal; IS7087si perimeter seal; IS7071si meeting stile seal; IS7061 meeting stile seal; IS8010si automatic door bottom seal; IS8090si automatic door bottom seal; and IS8100si automatic door bottom seal.