The IFD Low-Loss fire damper from Kilargo is an innovation in the HVAC industry, given that many of the current lines of intumescent dampers have remained unchanged for more than 20 years.

A successful addition to Kilargo’s product line, the IFD Low-Loss fire damper represents a much-wanted improvement in the industry. Featuring an improved design, the new product is compliant with the changing Australian and international standards.

A significant part of the installation of fire dampers includes the requirement of an Installation Label outlined in AS1682.2.

Kilargo invested several months in the development of the label, which required considerable testing, proofing and redevelopment before its eventual release. Kilargo now offers a well-tested and proven IFD Installation Label for their fire dampers. The installer labels are fully compliant with the latest standard, simple to use, and designed to provide installers a little more convenience when installing the fire damper.

Each label is a dual-peel system, pre-attached to the damper, with a section for installers to enter their name and licence information and relevant dates. Once completed, it can then be peeled again and applied to the appropriate surface for inspection purposes.