Leading outdoor heater specialist, Keverton Outdoor , recently installed heaters at the Terry Hills Tavern beer garden.

Project Brief:
Terry Hills Tavern is one of the coldest places in the Sydney Basin. The brief was to create beer garden that could be used year round regardless of the weather.

Reasons why Keverton Outdoor heaters wer chosen:
Based on the Tavern's research, it found that Keverton heaters are cheaper to run than has heaters.

The Tavern put the heaters on movement detectors so that they only work when a patron is actually sitting in the booth or seat. This means that the Tavern would only be paying for the energy when a patron needs the heating. 

Other key benefits of the heaters include:
  • can be individually wired or wired in banks which provides greater switching control
  • can override each heater and turn them on/off depending on the requirement. This can be done remotely and does not necessitate standing on a ladder to switch off a gas control cock. It can be put on the Dynalite Control System which enables integration to program on/off cycles to suit opening and closing times
  • the heaters come with a high and low heat mode, allowing the heating mode to be tailored to suit patron needs and locational issues
  • provides a good spread of heat that
  • infrared heat means the 'glow' is inviting and warms regardless of the cross wind
  • heaters are bolted to the wall which means that there is no damage to finishes
  • energy saving design
  • virtually no maintenance on the installation