Keverton Outdoor recently installed one of its Infratech outdoor heaters at the Prince Alfred Hotel in Richmond, Victoria, since then receiving positive feedback on the installation.

Staff at the hotel report that patronage in the beer garden where the outdoor heater was installed have commented on the extremely warm conditions provided by the heater.

Owner/Publican Chris Reilly says that he is "staggered at how far the heater projects warmth into the outdoor area."

"I have noticed that the general use of the beer garden has increased with our clients enjoying the ability to use the outdoor area even in colder times," he adds.

Mr Reilly adds that the heating has already significantly increased bar sales at the hotel by extending alfresco dining and drinking patronage.

"Our evening customers are now using an area of the hotel that at this time of year was rarely used. We are delighted with the performance and fully intend to install additional Infratech heaters to complete our outdoor area," Mr Reilly concludes.