Kennards Hire Test & Measure offers a new vacuum test kit designed to leak-test sewer pipes efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

What was once a problematic process can now be achieved effortlessly with Kennards Hire’s new vacuum test kit, helping users to test the integrity of new, existing and rehabilitated manholes and sewers as well as their resistance to water infiltration or exfiltration.

Previously, sewer pipes were tested using water through infiltration or exfiltration. Groundwater entering the pipe was monitored through the use of a weir, while the exfiltration test was carried out by introducing water into the pipeline and monitoring the level over a specified period, usually 24 hours.

However, the infiltration method of testing can be problematic. For instance, a faulty section of pipe could pass the test due to no groundwater being present while measuring water flow using metering equipment can be difficult. Similarly, problems can occur in exfiltration tests if ground water is present and water does not escape from the pipe, leading to inaccurate results.

Additionally, these methods of testing for leak detection are expensive and time consuming; even if a leak is identified, there’s no way to determine its exact location.

Leo De Sousa, Product Specialist at Kennards Hire Test & Measure East Brisbane explains that the vacuum test kit is used to create a vacuum in the manhole with an operator monitoring a gauge for vacuum loss to identify problems within minutes. The head assemblies are made of lightweight aluminium for easy handling during the testing process.

According to Leo, the vacuum test kit from Kennards Hire Test & Measure enables manholes to be tested and leaks identified immediately before or after ring installation and backfilling, eliminating the need for water tests. The vacuum pump draws 254mm hg in approximately two minutes for a 4.5m deep manhole at a rate of 425 lpm. An oil-free graphite vane pump eliminates the need for a cumbersome lubrication system and has aluminium rather than glass filter jars.

The vacuum test kit from Kennards Hire Test & Measure is ideal for construction, civil engineering, remedial works, plumbing contractors, councils, utilities and waste management companies.