Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new range of utility cable and pipe locators to its equipment hire range.

Designed to address the difficult task of locating specific pipes and cables in large underground networks, the new Radiodetection RD7000+ cable and pipe locator is suitable for various utility industries and services. Accurately pinpointing underground pipes and cables often proves difficult, especially when dealing with varying soil types and ground depths. Utility service providers can benefit from improved safety when using cable and pipe locators thanks to their reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

The ergonomically designed Radiodetection RD7000+ cable and pipe locator features a lightweight design at only 1.9kg, and is energy efficient and exceptionally well-balanced. The Radiodetection RD7000+ meets the needs of multiple industries with several ground-breaking features:

Construction industry

The Radiodetection RD7000SL+ delivers reliability and versatility with a broad range of standard active frequencies and a rugged construction.

Water and pipeline industry

The RD7000DL+ is specifically designed for the water industry with a wide range of Radiodetection pipe location accessories.

Power industry

The RD7000PL+ identifies the target cable reliably, even in areas of large scale, trunked cable deployment of complex electrical networks.

Telecom industry

The RD7000TL+ is designed for large bundled pairs of cables that require specialised location equipment to find a selected signal.