Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced the highly advanced Fluke TiR125 thermal imaging camera to its specialist equipment hire range. The new Fluke infrared camera enables users to perform inspections faster, more accurately and efficiently.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure General Manager Gareth Vines explains that the thermal camera offers a non-destructive way to test temperature-related heat stress on electrical and mechanical equipment. The Fluke TiR125 thermal imaging camera detects heat on surfaces via infrared and displays the results on the screen in a thermal pattern.

Companies can use the thermal camera to scan motors, bearings or other high velocity mechanical plant equipment to assess heat generation and determine possible overheating. According to Gareth, early problem detection facilitated by thermal imaging cameras will help plant operators plan preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected outages, service interruptions and catastrophic equipment failure.

Key features of Fluke TiR125 thermal imaging cameras include the exclusive IR-OptiFlex focus system ensuring images are in good focus from 1.2 metres and beyond for optimum image clarity and scanning convenience; function to add digital images of surrounding areas, allowing users to quickly identify and detail inspection locations; IR-Fusion technology allowing operators to simultaneously capture a digital photo with the infrared image; and lightweight and robust design for safe use in any environment.

Fluke’s handheld thermal imagers are recommended for use in the construction, consulting, plumbing, mining and engineering industries as well as by insurance, industrial and manufacturing, and pest control companies.

Electricians hire the Fluke thermal imaging camera from Kennards Hire Test & Measure to inspect electrical boards and perform building diagnostics. Plumbers can use the thermal imager for leak detection in bathrooms and wet areas by identifying the source and tracing moisture. Fluke thermal imaging cameras are also used to deliver efficient and accurate analysis of air conditioning installation and pipeline decommissioning, underfloor and pipeline decommissioning, underfloor and underground heating inspections, conveyor system inspections and even termite detection.

Specialist equipment available for hire from Kennards Hire Test & Measure includes ultrasonic leak detectors, ultrasonic flow meters, 4 in 1 gas detectors, non-invasive smoke machines and pressure locators as well as an extensive array of handheld devices.