Kennards Hire Concrete Care supplied a ride-on shot blaster to The Superseal Group, enabling them to complete a time-bound project preparing 2400m² of concrete for a new topping.
The Superseal Group, whose services include waterproofing, commercial and industrial flooring and remedial works, were refurbishing an electrical goods assembly plant. Business development manager Kevin Camer, who operated the shot blaster, explained that they had to install a new floor with an epoxy protective coating. After preparing the surface with the shot blaster, they applied a new topping followed by an epoxy protective coating. The team set a tight schedule to minimise disruption at the plant.
The job was completed quickly with the ride-on shot blaster ensuring high productivity. Featuring a larger track than the walk-behind, self-propelled model, the shot blaster simultaneously cleaned up the lead pellets along with the concrete residue by vacuuming them back into the machine in a single seamless process.
Kevin points out that the built-in vacuum function is more efficient than having an attachment being dragged around. Having operated walk-behind shot blasters before, his first experience with a ride-on model was very productive and far less tiring, thanks to its easy operation.
Key features of Kennards Hire ride-on shot blasters:

  • 40cm blast width is much wider than that of walk-behind, self-propelled models
  • Removes paint, rust and mill scale from steel, and paint and markings from asphalt
  • Prepares concrete for re-coating or application of overlays
  • Diesel-powered operation - allows easy refilling

Kennards Hire Concrete Care also offers self-propelled and push-model shot blasters from 200mm to 300mm.