Kennards Hire will be showcasing a comprehensive range of equipment from their specialist divisions at the CIVENEX 2014, Australia’s premier infrastructure expo featuring new and innovative solutions for public works, local government and corporate clients.

The Kennards Hire stand will feature equipment from Traffic, Pump and Power, Lift and Shift, Rail, and Concrete Care specialisations. Equipment from the Kennards Concrete Care stable will include hydraulic pipe saws and wet sand blasters.

Offering high efficiency, accuracy and safety, the hydraulic pipe saw can operate in confined spaces, fume-free with a high degree of accuracy. Konrad Stempniak, National Product Manager for Kennards Hire Concrete Care explains there is no risk of kickback with the hydraulic pipe saw, unlike demolition saws.

He adds that the hydraulic pipe saw overcomes typical problems occurring in most site applications where this type of cutting is required, including soft or muddy ground underfoot, which normally creates unstable operator conditions, and fumes emitted from petrol motors making it virtually impossible to cut pipes with demolition saws.

The wet sand blaster from Kennards Concrete Care is ideal for removing paint on brick, concrete, masonry, and steel surfaces, as well as de-scaling corrosion or rust on metal surfaces to prepare for painting. Key benefits of the wet sand blaster include the innovative wet mist technology, which simultaneously blasts grit with water mist to ensure a dust-free method of surface preparation; as well as mobility, which allows the machine to comfortably function in the tightest of spaces.