Kennards Hire Concrete Care recently supplied a diesel ride-on shotblaster for a surface preparation job at Dreamworld, Australia’s biggest theme park situated on the Gold Coast.

Any flooring process must begin with correct surface preparation or risk becoming an expensive problem afterwards. One of the most efficient surface preparation methods on hard or brittle surfaces is shotblasting, a process that removes, cleans and prepares flooring surfaces in a single pass.

Shotblasting as a surface preparation solution delivers multiple advantages to the flooring contractor or installer. It not only maximises site production time by minimising the preparation time and additional clean-up, it also allows for faster recoat or material application rates. Additionally, a newly shotblasted surface will increase the coating adhesion and bond, prolonging the life of any coating system.

The concrete pathways at the Dreamworld theme park needed to be resurfaced with the epoxy on the concrete beginning to fail and deteriorate after years of heavy foot traffic. Dreamworld had three requirements before the new epoxy could be applied: remove all the remaining coating, clean the surface and prepare it for the new application.

Kennards Hire Concrete Care’s diesel ride-on shotblaster, capable of blasting up to 350m² per hour was supplied for the job. Additionally, a smaller 240V walk-behind unit was used to detail edges and space constrained areas, along with the mini loader and power grinder attachment to grind the exposed aggregate surface.

The combination of the diesel ride-on and the 240v walk-behind shotblasters helped remove the existing coating and achieve the required concrete surface profile for the new coating in one application.

Specialising in a range of surface preparation solutions, Kennards Hire Concrete Care encourages the use of shotblasters for resurfacing jobs such as the Dreamworld pathways to eliminate the time-consuming, labour-intensive and significantly more expensive conventional options.

Kennards Hire Concrete Care also supplies a range of surface preparation equipment solutions including grinders, profilers, scarifiers and planers.