Specialist hire equipment company, Kennards Concrete Care , has added a new model wet-cut petrol chainsaw to its range of concrete care equipment.

The ICS concrete chainsaw is capable of cutting through double brick, reinforced concrete and masonry to a depth of 350mm (14in).

The concrete chainsaw weighs just 9.5kg with chain and bar, making it comparatively lightweight.

Gledhill Constructions used one of the concrete chainsaws on a BER project, involving a new library and four new classrooms, at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield, in Sydney.

Site manager Stephen Baldwin said the petrol chainsaw was used to cut door openings in existing 270mm cavity brick walls and tooth out the brick work while installing a lift for disabled access between two existing buildings with different floor levels, to provide a link between them.

“It was a good option because it worked quickly and created less dust and less damage to the surrounding brickwork,” he said.

Garrie Lancaster, Martyn Kilbride and Joel Bosman, who operated the chainsaw, said it was lighter than other concrete chainsaws and easy to handle.

The new chainsaw’s deep cuts and square corners mean it can complete the job with fewer steps.

Using a wet-cut concrete saws avoids having to match up cuts from both sides and the need for impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding concrete or masonry. Additionally, patchwork is reduced by eliminating the over-cutting of corners.

Hydraulic-powered chainsaws can also be hired from Kennards Concrete Care, which has a wide range of equipment for concrete related jobs, from demolition, grinding and stripping to drilling, cutting and cleaning.