Kennards Concrete Care  has opened a new hire centre, published a new catalogue and added more equipment to its ever-expanding range of hire equipment.

Kennards Concrete Care has opened its fifth hire centre in Keswick, Adelaide, while the Brisbane branch has been relocated to a bigger and more central site at Rocklea.

A new glove box size edition of the Kennards Concrete Care catalogue displays a wide range of specialist hire equipment, including many items added since the last edition.

The catalogue of hire equipment included profilers, large planetary grinders, mowers, captive shot blasters, hydraulic rock and concrete splitters and shears, hydraulic hand saws and chainsaws, jackhammer trolleys and dust extractors.

The hire equipment booklet also includes a detailed explanation of techniques and offers advice on surface preparation, floor and surface cleaning, cutting, sawing and drilling, demolition, dust control, mixing, pumping and spraying and diamonds and their applications.

A fume free, heavy duty, 415 volt mini loader for profiling concrete is also a new addition to the hire equipment range. Three phase power enables the mini loader to be used in confined spaces where diesel or petrol motors are not an option, and is fitted with a diesel motor for use in suitable environments. The machine also has the option of an on-board vacuum or water attachment to minimise dust.